50 Cent, who infamously declared bankruptcy in a potential bid to avoid paying damages to Rick Ross’ baby mother for a stolen sex tape (among other debts), may be in additional legal trouble. Bringing all the recent stories about 50 Cent’s Instagram memes full circle, a judge is bringing him back to court because of a few Instagram posts he made over the last few months.

Judge Ann Nevins expressed concern that 50 Cent was not being fully transparent about his funds, and pointed to Instagram posts by the Queens rapper showing stacks upon stacks of cash. “There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.” Basically, Fifty might be taking advantage of what can be a very difficult process for people who are actually broke and in debt.

Naturally, the person who brought these photos to the attention of the judge is Lastonia Leviston, the winner of $7 million in damages from 50 Cent for a stolen sex tape. Curtis Jackson’s bankruptcy filing has prevented her from seeing any of that money thus far.

50 Cent’s lawyers have defended their client’s posts by arguing they are all a part of his profession in the entertainment industry, and the stacks of money are only for image-related purposes. We’ll have to wait until 50 Cent’s new hearing to find out how this all shakes out. The date for that bankruptcy hearing hasn’t been set.