Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is the producer of, as well as a recurring cast member in, the Starz TV show "Power". Last night, 50 tweeted that "Power" will return on June 6, including a short trailer for the upcoming season, and the quote: "Empires are built on POWER".

Joe Budden soon quoted 50's tweet, following with "They petty lol". Joe was apparently referencing the quote at the end of the trailer, "It only starts a war if they know you did it," but 50 initially took Joe's tweet as a diss, and quickly responded with, "what you say bitch!!"

Joe was confused and soon clarified that "Power" is his favorite show, and, indeed, it looks like Joe might be watching more closely than the show's own producer. After going back and watching the trailer, 50 realized Joe meant no shade, and he apologized, blaming his earlier antics on #EFFENVODKA, the vodka company he currently has a stake in. 

Read the full series of tweets below.