There's a lot of people who owe 50 Cent money these days, apparently. The latest individual Fif's after is actor and film producer Jackie Long who Fif claims owes him some bread. Taking to his favorite social media platform, Fif made his demand for his payment with a side of trolling on Instagram. "This punk ass nigga @jackielong better give me my money. You on BET now you can have mine by Monday fool," he wrote. 

Unlike many of Fofty's other indebted victims, Jackie slid in the comments inquiring exactly what money Fif thought he was owed. "N***a I gave you $250k you bitch about what n***a?" He asked before sliding in a "lol" to ensure that his tone wasn't too aggressive. 

"Jackie interest Jackie you gotta pay me, puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life," he said. 

One post is never enough for Fif. The rapper and Power exec turned on The Wire actor Hassan Johnson who once posed for a picture with Long. Apparently, in the world of 50 Cent, this means that Johnson now owes him money because Jackie's also in debt.

"how you in a picture with this nigga Jackie and he owe me money, now you owe me too. If he don’t pay you gonna pay Monday," Fif wrote.

This is simply the latest person Fif's trying to collect from. As you probably know, he's been hounding Teairra Mari for the judgment he was awarded from the revenge porn case. Additionally, he nearly gave Power executive Randal Emmett a heart attack after putting him on blast for $250K he was owed. Emmett eventually paid the debt back.