50 Cent isn't the man to mess with on social media. The world-renowned rapper is also an infamous troll who bullies and pokes at everybody he can. The mogul just can't help himself. But it appears that another troll has gotten the upper hand on Fif', well, at least for a short moment of time. The G-Unit leader took to Instagram to call out an impersonator who has been acting as if he works with 50's cognac company, Branson.

"This guy is a whole fraud, he does not work for Branson or have anything to do with my brands and is going around taking meeting with club owner’s @quadirkenneysam you are a fucking weirdo," wrote Fif' on Instagram to accompany a post showing the imposter's profile. 

Quadir has been posting Branson to his profile heavy, while also using screenshots from 50's page. Fif' and Quadir met back in 2019, Quadir posted a photo of him and the rapper on IG, stating, “U KNOW THE VIBES NOTHING R E A L can be threaten.” The two probably just met at this meet and greet, and never again. 

It is unclear what Quadir is trying to accomplish here, but incurring the wrath of 50 Cent is not a wise choice.