Not that 50 really needs another business venture on his plate, but the rapper just locked down a deal with underbrand Frigo RevolutionWear for a reported $78 million. The music mogul let fans know via an Instagram post, and also spoke on it during a recent visit to Seth Meyers' late night show.

50 poked fun at us lowly people who aren't so business-minded with his post, "I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you muthafuckas do today? Lllllllllooooolllllllllll #Boom #FRIGO." 

While talking to Seth Meyers about the underwear brand, Fif revealed they'll be selling for 100 bucks a pop. "It’s $100 at Neiman Marcus. These $100 underwear were actually hand-created and actually hand-stitched," 50 Cent told the talkshow host. "They have a technology in ‘em where you can put your man apples. For you to place your sack in another sack that has been [ergonomically] designed for comfort. But, you know, women they spend so much money on lingerie. It’s the right project for men."

Watch Fifty's interview with Seth Meyers below.