50 Cent's wrath is limited to nobody. Even though the entertainer is currently focused only on positive vibes, he's still been finding time to troll his peers on social media. He's just doing so with their feelings in mind. After he was accused of being a bully by Ashanti, Fiddy has decided to slow down a little bit but of course, he wouldn't be the man he is today without having some fun at the expense of his compatriots. 

This year has been rough for Juelz Santana so far. He was arrested at an airport after TSA discovered an unconcealed weapon and drugs in his bag, leading to a dramatic court process. Perhaps the most negative attention sent his way was after he admitted that he had several missing teeth. A photo made its way around the internet and 50 Cent couldn't help himself but to chime in. 

He reposted the viral photo and added his trademark commentary, trying his hardest to keep things positive and constructive. "Damn it Mmaaannn," wrote the G-Unit rapper. "Just say no to drugs. This is going to far now, no teeth 😶 Jesus Christ Positive vibes."

Fiddy recently switched out his "get the strap" catchphrase for "positive vibes only," preaching a more optimistic lifestyle. Don't expect any of his content to change though as he's still the same troll he's always been.