Juelz Santana has now become the brunt of 50 Cent's jokes for running scared. Yesterday evening at Newark Airport checkout, TSA officials found a burner stuffed in Santana's luggage, and his reaction was to dead bolt out of there. Juelz smashed the pedal, leaving behind his bags and well.. the gun too. 50 Cent made an Instagram post in the early stages of the day, containing a portrait of Juelz in his signature sidewinder bandana with the caption: "🏃🏽‍♂️💨 Damn Blood, but what about da Gang. LOL #POWER"

50 couldn't hold his laughter over the incident, making light of the situation by insinuating that Juelz remembered at that very moment that he had errands to run.

"He said i just remembered I got some shit to do."

50 poked fun at the TSA agents too, who were just as baffled as we were by Juelz' decision to run scared in the face of incriminating evidence.

"Fat ass TSA like what da fuck is you running for Blood you on tape. Lol"

This ain't Juelz first run-in with law enforcement over a gun issue. I Guess even "Certified Gangstas" fall under pressure when the mallet drops.