50 Cent doesn't usually face retribution when he singles out his targets. When he does, it often ends in a stalemate. Take his ribbing of Trey Songz as a fine example of "kickback." The two performers were booked in the same hotel, ahead of the same concert showing - billed as "Compound 15 Year Anniversary Hosted by 50 Cent" in Atlanta, Georgia. The event celebrated the club's 15th year in business, with performances from the likes of Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Fabolous


A series of Instagram videos pitting 50 Cent against Trey Songz would subsequently appear in the hours following their scheduled appearance at the night club. For the record, Fofty was clearly in a playful mood when he insinuated that Trey Songz makes his groupies pay for dinner when they enter-and-leave a Del Frisco's.


According to the Fif, Trey Songz makes it a "cute n***a moment" every time pay the bill. Call it a "date and dash" if you will. He would later insinuate that he'd bailed him out on countless equations. Trey's response was to claim that, "I don't owe you shit Fofty" in the comment section of the original posting. 

Soon after, Trey Songz would upload a response on his feed, that showed him bursting into 50 Cent's hotel room in an attempt to even the score. Within the bounds of 50 Cent's ribbing of Trey Songz and the singer's in-person response, jokes were made at the expense of Dave East, and to a lesser degree, Chris Brown, whom he lauded for having a "busload of groupies" with him on the road.

With respect to Dave East, 50 Cent cracked a joke about him linking up with some "old b*tches" in the hotel lobby. The jokes intended for East were spliced a little differently. Songz was mocked due to his apparent frugality whereas East ended up a whipping boy for neglecting "diaper duty" and riding the coattails of older women.