50 Cent has made a sport out of trolling TV personality Wendy Williams throughout 2017. Whether it was her on-air fainting incident or other salacious comments during her program, Fif has rarely passed up an opportunity to drag the controversial host on social media. Even when she's on vacation, 50 shows no mercy.

Williams recently posted a picture on her Instagram profile that evoked a mood of relaxation while vacationing in warmer climates. Captioned with "Buenos Tardes," it's not inherently clear if the above hot tub pic features WW chilling in her birthday suit, but even if she isn't, it certainly makes for a revealing visual. Of course, 50 Cent was ready with a quick response.

"Good morning, I know everyone is relaxing for the holidays. I just want to let everyone know you guys are welcome to come to my party," he wrote in his own Instagram post, sharing the exact same picture of Williams in the process. It's another attempt to meme-ify the talk show host who is no stranger to throwing shade at other hip-hop celebrities herself. For example, after she implied that Azealia Banks made some quick cash as a sex worker, the rapper was supposedly "in tears," calling out Williams for the insensitivity of her comments online. That kind of behavior will put a target on anyone's back and 50 Cent is trying to hit the bulls-eye every time out. 

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