It's pretty common to see rappers, athletes and celebrities in general throw around large amounts of cash in the strip club. It's clearly not the financially responsible thing to do, but if you're making millions of dollars a year, you could probably afford to blow a bag every once in a while on strippers. However, what's less common to see is major celebrities making it rain and then collecting the cash off of the floor, 50 Cent clearly had second thoughts during a recent trip to the strip club.

50 Cent was recently hosting at Angels Club in New York and while things seemed pretty lit for those in attendance, the strippers probably didn't share the same experience. The rapper was seen throwing bands in the strip club along with his friends but at one point, he rakes up a bunch of cash that he threw at the strippers and proceeds to walk away like nothing happened. It's unsure why he decided to do this but presumably, there were a lot of hard working girls who walked away disappointed after a hard night's work.

Aside from his trip to the strip club, 50 Cent seems to have some new music on the way. Over the weekend, it was revealed that he and Tekashi 6ix9ine teamed up for a new song called "Get The Strap" which is set to premiere on episode eight of "Power." A snippet recently surfaced on the web that you could check out here.