For the most part, 50 Cent tends to be equal-opportunity with his antics, operating strictly under the philosophy that anybody can indeed get it. And while he did previously issue a positive review of Donald Trump (which he proceeded to walk back shortly thereafter), it would appear that Fif is not about to sit idly by and let the dwindling members of the MAGA cult escape his wrath unscathed.

50 Cent

 Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Though 50 does tend to be apolitical as a general rule, it seems as if the recent Capitol riot has struck a nerve. For one, 50 appeared particularly frustrated by the perceived hypocrisy seen within the police response; Instagram recently hit one of his posts with a fact-check warning after he compared the policing during the Black Lives Matter protests to the seemingly laxer policing during the Capitol riot. In the wake of everything that has transpired in the political forum, it would appear that 50 has decided to take the gloves off once and for all, taking a moment to ridicule an oblivious MAGA follower.

The nature of the clip is, in truth, hilarious regardless of any political leaning. After all, man-walks-into-pole is a timeless bit, one that has sparked laughter and darkly-comedic joy long before Donald Trump ever took office. Sure, it doesn't hurt when a little bit of karmic justice is enacted, as it was to this particularly angry individual seconds before face met pole. "Yes your country, your street pole , your ass better pay attention to what your doing," captions Fif, having an emphatic laugh at the man's expense. Check out the clip below.