Despite being the centerpiece of biggest controversy to shake Hollywood in years, Harvey Weinstein appears to be skating any jail time for his accused crimes. It has been reported by a variety of sources that a tentative settlement of $25 million dollars has been reached, though Harvey's criminal trial for two rape charges remains set for January 6th. Still, the settlement has been divisive, given that Weinstein will no longer have to acknowledge nor admit to any wrongdoing. Not to mention the settlement payout will be covered by insurance companies, not his own money. 

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Naturally, such a high-profile and socially charged case was bound to elicit a reaction from the public. And with any public responses come an additional one from 50 CentWith his dealings with Randall Emmett leaving him familiar with the predatory mogul archetype, it was unclear as to how Fif would acknowledge the elephant-in-the-room that is Harvey. Now, we have our answer.

"Damn so this shit was a big money grab," he writes, adding the facepalm emoji for good measure.  A heavy take, and one that might lead to many infuriated responses. And yet what more do you expect from 50, stirrer of pots and troll extraordinaire? Check out his thoughts on the Weinstein settlement below, as shared on Instagram.