If you've been enthralled in hip-hop culture for years, you know just how much 50 Cent and Ja Rule don't like each other. They simply refuse to co-exist. On any given day, 50 Cent will throw damaging shots at his rival, bringing up the Fyre Festival fiasco and plenty of other instances that have left Ja Rule looking like a clown.

Most recently, Fiddy made fun of the rapper for promoting and hawking a package where he will perform at your private house party. Since then, he's found something even better, sharing a commercial that Ja Rule did for a local gyro restaurant and sending a message to all of his opps in the process.

The latest video posted on Fif's Instagram page shows Ja Rule talking about Greek food, having extreme difficulty with the complicated pronunciation of words like "tzatziki" and "oktapodakia." Throughout the entire commercial, Ja is acting a fool and having fun, throwing pitas in the air and inviting his friends and fans to join him at the gyro spot.

Ja Rule 50 Cent
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Of course, 50 Cent had a good time with this one. He added some knee-slapping comments in the caption.

"This is what happens when fuck with me, i’ll have you and your whole label selling Gyro’s," he wrote. "Go head try me!"

After the whole private party mess, we could have seen this coming from a mile away.