50 Cent is the King of making sure he gets paid from his various borrowers that sometimes get publically shamed if they fail on paying him back on time. From 50's case with Teairra Mari to his recent, more playful, case with Michael Blackson, it's a known fact at this point to not mess with 50 Cent when it comes to his coin. 

The "Many Men" rapper recently paid a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and explained a time when tables had turned and it was none other than Snoop Dogg who had swiped him for a form of payment. As the story goes, 50 Cent was performing at Barclays and Snoop was there and kindly offered to hop on stage to perform their collab "P.I.M.P." 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It wasn't until after the show that 50 Cent noticed his ride was gone. "He went, walked by the car, saw the car, and... I don't know if it was jealous feelings or something, but he went to the car and got in the car because the keys are in there," 50 said of Snoop. "Because you park inside the Barclays, and the guy that's supposed to be the valet park, I said, 'Where did the car go?' And he said, 'Snoop took the car.' I said, 'What?! How do you just let him take my car?'" 

He added: "But later he made a tape saying that I owe him for the performance, because he feel like, 'You got me performing for free and you got cars like this out here in the middle...' He thought I tricked him into a performance, but he offered to perform."

At the time, Snoop uploaded a video to his Instagram of him committing the act. "50 Cent! I rapped on stage tonight with 50 Cent. I did 'P.I.M.P.' and he didn’t give me no money," Snoop hilariously said in the video. "So I guess I'm gonna take his car and we gonna call it even. I need my money cuz. Matter of fact, I don't even want the money. I just want to drive this pretty muthafucka."