TMZ has learned that a "report of investigation" believed to be circulated by 50 Cent is completely bunk. For the longest time, 50 Cent was said to have circulated a document that painted he and  Jimmy Henchman as informants on account of a) providing the intel b) incriminating his longtime foe in the process.

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

For the sake of clarity, NONE OF THIS IS FACTUAL, but rather a rumor started by someone within the dept. - with a curious bone to pick. A report published in November of 2016 seemed to imply that 50 Cent had offered his help to law enforcement in helping them clear up the particulars of Henchman's then-impending retrial. A reactionary post 50 Cent had published on Instagram is likely what contributed to this rousing suspicion, which has since been debunked.

Regardless of such, the Feds have since informed TMZ that 50 Cent didn't speak with them at any given point in time, with regards to Henchman's suspected role in the murder plot ending in the death of G-Unit associate Lodi Mack. The narrative went a little something like this: many people thought Henchman had reason to seek retribution for the humiliation of his son, who'd been accosted by Tony Yayo and Mack sometime in 2007. Henchman has since been convicted of back-to-back life sentences for his culpability in the killing.