These days, 50 Cent is known just as much for his online activity as a troll as for his music. Sure, his classic tracks and albums were what made Fiddy relevant in the first place but his trolling has kept him at the top of the food chain for years without releasing much. Now and then, Fif will get back on the mic but he generally worries more about his entrepreneurial work, building his hit TV show Power to become one of the most popular programs on television. Making a few bold claims, 50 took a few more jabs at Diddy, laying it on him for his Revolt project, claiming he runs the Starz network and offering his advice and expertise if needed.

That last part was probably just sarcasm on behalf of Fif but his latest Instagram post seems to hint that not all is well between Diddy and 50 as was once suspected. Uploading an image of himself, Fiddy claimed that he's not necessarily ready to man a television network but that, with the success of Power, he pretty much already runs Starz. He then went on to throw some shots at Diddy, addressing his fellow businessman, "What’s that shit you got called again puffy? Well l can help you fix that. LOL get the strap." 

Earlier this year, Diddy told The Breakfast Club's hosts that it was all love between him and Fiddy. While that could very well be the case, their brotherly bond can definitely seem like insults are being hurled at times.