50 Cent's Christmas season has consisted of a lot of flexing for the 'Gram, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been balancing it out by doing good. The rapper recently personally wrote a massive check for G-Unity Foundations to distribute to other non-profit organizations. Fif shared a photo of himself signing off on a $3M check that he said will go towards academic enrichment in low-income areas.

"I wrote a check today for G-Unity foundation to distribute to other non-profit organizations. that focus on academic enrichment in low income areas I feel good about it," he wrote. "Positive Vibes."

The rapper's donation seems to balance out all of the flexing he's done over the past few days. Fif recently purchased a new Ferrari -- which he claims will only be driven on Wednesdays -- and posted a short clip of himself washing the front of the car with a bottle of Le Chemin Du Roi, saying, "this is what rich n***as do when we ain't got nothin' to do."

The rapper also spent the holidays revisiting his feud with Floyd Mayweather. Shortly after spreading "positive vibes" with the $3M check, he got back on his BS and continued to taunt the boxer over trying to jock his style, his reading ability and not donating anything "outside of giving hoes the bag." Needless to say, Fif's been keeping us entertained this holiday season.