It's well documented that 50 Cent is the quintessential troll, differing from the bulk of his species over one key distinction. Unlike the majority of his fellow trolls, Fif actually possesses charisma. That in itself makes him a rare breed, and a difficult foe to overcome. Many have tried, and few, if any have succeeded. Case in point, yesterday, 50 wasted little time in jumping in on the fun, taking aim at Jay-Z's jetski trepidation. It didn't matter that Jay-Z is one of, if not the, greatest rapper of all time. In 50's world, anybody can get it. 

After firing up a few memes in Jay's general direction, it would appear that he isn't quite ready to let this one die. Today, 50 has returned with yet another, and this one might be the funniest one yet. Seeing as it's 50's birthday, he vows to "do something fun but safe," while using a picture of Jay-Z for emphasis. In this instance, Hov is clutching the guardrails of a children's roller coaster, a true nail biter to be sure. Perhaps the cartoon alligator receptacle reminded Jay-Z of the water, hence the grim visage. 

Should you be interested in diving into the origin of 50's trollish ways, be sure to peep the analysis on how his formative "How To Rob" shaped the man he'd one day become. Happy birthday 50!