50 Cent, ever the shrewd businessman, simply can't walk away from a good deal. Perhaps that's the sole reason he was compelled to buy 200 Ja Rule tickets, front-row ones at that. "I just happened to see them on [Stubhub]," he explains, speaking with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. "They was just there, and they were so cheap I may as well just buy them." Kate Upton bursts out laughing; it's clear where her loyalties lie. Of course, 50 and Ja's feud has been going on for nearly twenty years now, and has since (d)evolved into a full-blown petty state during the social media age. 

Another fan question arises, this time inquiring about 50 and Game's current relationship. On that note, Fif seems disinterested for the most part. "We cool," he confirms, acknowledging that things are all good between the former G-Unit members. In a more humorous turn, 50 opens up about his feud with Randall Emmett, which ultimately led to the glorious birth of "Fofty." 

"He was speeding," reflects 50, mirroring Emmett's rapidly-texting fingers. "[Fofty] is a whole new thing," he continues, before providing a bit of backstory to the whole debacle. "We was partnering on Cheetah Vision films, and we made profits on the film but he was positioning himself publically as my partner. But he was receiving a salary. Out of the profits we actually made for the company, it was about one million & three that he had owed. A portion of it was paid out of his portion of his production credit for Power. But he didn't actually give me anything."

"I was approaching BMF - he was a partner on the BMF series also," he continues. "I'm like, if you don't give me something I'm gon' pay myself back before you get a chance to pay me, so send me something." He also confirms that taking the beef to social media elicited an instant response from Emmett, along with the side-effect of birthing a hilarious and ruthless new identity.