50 Cent has multiple television series in the works and someone appears to be leveraging his success for a con. The rapper informed his following that he has yet to make any announcements concerning the casting for some of his upcoming productions. Any advertisement that bears his name for casting calls should be disregarded completely.

Fifty uploaded an example of this promotional material to Instagram with a warning. According to his caption, a legitimate casting call will be announced in the future: "This is fake I will be posting official info soon God bless."

The casting calls relate to his multi-series deal with STARZ network. "The STARZ network is my network now," announced the rapper. "I have the green light to put the shows we want to see on the air."

Another instance of fake promotion was addressed only days ago. Concert France, an entity that supposedly promoted music events, had announced a performance by the rapper set for January 1, in Paris. 50 Cent notified his fans of the bill's false nature, asking them to refrain from buying tickets to a 50 cent show in which he has no part, a purchase that would entail an embarrassing waste of time and money.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images