In a matter of a few hours, Paul Pierce fumbled the bag in a major way. The Boston Celtics legend lost his job as an ESPN analyst, getting fired from the sports network after his Instagram Live went viral over the weekend. The 43-year-old retired basketball star went live from his house, getting twerked on by a handful of exotic dancers as he even made reference to his drunken shenanigans possibly being enough to get him fired.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

"I'm Paul Pierce, f*ck ESPN, n***a, sh*t," said the legend during his live stream. "They're gonna try to fire me, baby. I don't give a f*ck. Look at this ass, baby. Looking like two Celtics championship trophies. Shake that sh*t."

The NBA analyst was speaking to one of the bikini-clad women in his house, but his viral remarks were heard around the world. Kyle Kuzma called Pierce a "sicko", Tory Lanez said he was trying to mimic his own behavior, and now 50 Cent is weighing in, laughing at his firing from ESPN with his own post on Instagram.

"Paul don’t give a f*ck, He said they gonna fire me LOL," wrote Fiddy as his caption, sharing one of the much-discussed videos from Pierce's live stream.

What do you think about Paul Pierce's firing? You can't say he didn't predict it...