These days, it hasn’t really been a full 24 hours if 50 Cent hasn’t trolled somebody. Upping his status as an Instagram legend, Fiddy has issues with a lot of people including Jim Jones, Diddy, and pretty much anybody speaking ill of his show Power. The man does not hold back either as he will continue to berate his foes until they’re down and out, giving them little room to retaliate. While we wish 50 would channel his energy toward a new album, Curtis is making money and we can’t fault him for sticking to what makes him happy these days. With a birthday taking place tomorrow, 50 woke up to some new gifts in his driveway and they had to have run up the budget.

If anybody expects a man as rich as 50 Cent to be riding around in a Subaru, you’re vastly mistaken. 50 prefers the luxurious things in life as evidenced in his choice of whips. Posting a few photos of his “all black everything” birthday gifts to himself, it looks like Fif has a new Rolls-Royce with red detailing on the interior as well as a fresh new matte black Mercedes G-Wagon. The rapper hit his favorite poses in front of the new cars, stunting with the new additions to his vehicular collection.

Most people cannot afford to spoil themselves as lavishly as 50 on his birthday so it’s fun to vicariously live through him since, let’s face it, we’ll probably never drive a Rolls.