50 Cent continues his online trolling by aiming at Tyrese Gibson, once again, over Instagram.

After recent reports that Tyrese skipped out on a chance to see his daughter, Shayla, despite the number of public statements, videos and lengthy Instagram captions pleading to be by her side, 50 Cent has followed up. 

In one of his latest posts, 50 shares a pic of Tyrese and his little girl that reads a message on how Tyrese once said he was in London as an excuse to not see Shayla, but was really at home in Los Angeles. He captions the pic saying, "Damn boy, get off your phone shut your IG page down. Oh and um sell me that watch you got on in this picture. I'll give you half price. LOL."

After the photo was posted, some 50 followers shared their opinion on his trolling habits with one user calling him a "bully" while another urges him to focus on his own family.

The rapper followed up on the opinions by a female user, saying he hopes the "shit you got into your booty go into your blood stream and you die." See the comments below."

BallerAlert Instagram 

With the number of times 50 has gone after Tyrese in his trolling practices, Tyrese has never officially come back at 50. The Fast & Furious actor did, however, reply to a follower who was baffled on how he could afford to go to Abu Dhabi, despite his claims of being broke. After calling Tyrese "fake" the actor replied, "I’m pretty famous dude I️ never ever pay for my own travel - ask around it’s the perks of working hard [...]"