Has anyone else noticed that 50 Cent has been inciting fewer beefs since he fell deeper into his relationship with Cuban Link? Just an observation. Fif's social media interactions has largely pivoted from taking shots at random pedestrians to promoting Power or goofing around with his girl. His most recent call-out was directed at Cuban Link a few weeks ago, when he roasted her for posing for a photo on the floor

On the other hand, the couple also has had plenty of cute moments on the Gram, like when they used the platform to give each other virtual kisses. Today's content also falls into this category, although 50 is still kinda poking fun at Cuban. That's just his way of showing affection, I guess.

Yesterday afternoon, Cuban posted a poll on her Instagram story asking followers to vote whether they thought she or 50 would win on their bowling date later that evening. While this move implied that she had some confidence in her game, she told 50 that she didn't know how to bowl. Once they put some money on their match, the tables turned and Cuban started knocking pins over like a professional. 50 posted a video of her getting a strike with the following caption: "@_cuban_link and alysa acted like they didn’t know how to bowl, then after we bet bitches start bowling strikes left and right." Nice finesse Cuban!