Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was the victim of a shooting that left him with nine gunshot wounds. After being able to live through such a traumatic experience there's no way any conglomerate or board room full of executives that could strike fear into his heart. In the past, 50 Cent has struggled to come to terms with the premium cable network Starz, in regards to his hit television series, Power.  

We've seen the multidimensional artist make amends with the network, make his directorial debut, and establish his dominance as one of the driving forces behind Starz. However, now it looks like that relationship has soured once again as the show is finally coming to an end. In a rather direct post to his Instagram account, 50 Cent revealed that the beef has been rekindled captioning a photo with this statement:

"These people at Starz bugging out, talking to me like they crazy. Like I ain’t who I am, they got me f*cked up. I will put all this shit out tonight."

Minutes later, 50 Cent posted a clip revealing who killed Ghost on the timeline. SPOILER ALERT: In the clip, a teary-eyed Tasha St. Patrick (played by Naturi Naughton) can be seen holding a handgun pointed towards her victim James "Ghost" St. Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) stating, "I can't let you destroy my son," before firing off a single bullet and instantaneously regretting her decision. 

While this might have been a 'power' move by 50, he definitely has severed his relationship with the Starz network and could also have burned a few bridges with rivaling companies due to his recklessness. However, with his upcoming "BMF" project set to release in the near future and his executive produced ABC television series For Life set to begin soon, the "I'm The Man" rapper could possibly go on to succeed without some of the relationships he's tarnished in the television/film realm. 

Since posting the clip on Jan. 20, 50 Cent has deleted the storyline revealing Power scene from his Instagram.