Few things in life are inevitable. Death, taxes, and the gleeful gallows humor of a villainous 50 Cent. Should anything even remotely flagrant transpire under his watchful Sauron-esque gaze, 50 wastes little time in offering up his signature brand of commentary. Naturally, when a report surfaced that T.I. and Floyd Mayweather were involved in an altercation of sorts, with Floyd's DJ Jay Bling having taken a few lumps as a result, 50's take was right around the corner.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Following the release of a post-brawl video, which finds Jay Bling leaving the restaurant with his shirt in literal tatters, 50 took to Instagram to offer up a few thoughts. Given his own sordid history with Floyd Mayweather, it's likely 50 feels that Jay Bling's misfortune is transferrable unto his big boss, if only by association. Did you expect a sympathetic take from the man who willingly calls himself Fofty? Think again.

"Hahahahahahaha Fool be running his mouth like he think he Floyd, then gotta be in the club," writes 50. "Smh my man you gotta mind your business. @jaybling look like they whooped you out your clothes.LOL." Strangely enough, Fif paints a what-if scenario of sorts - what might have happened if Floyd were indeed the recipient of the attack? Check out Fif's commentary below.