It's only been a day since 50 Cent gifted himself with a couple of expensive whips for Christmas but he apparently wasn't finished there. The New York rapper and entertainer showed off an array of photos of his new Lamborghini, also copping a Rolls-Royce for good measure. If you didn't realize, Fiddy has made a lot of money in his career and he's not afraid to spoil himself when nobody else will. It turns out the Lambo and the Rolls weren't the only gifts Fif was interested in getting this year because he's already looking to cop a new whip. 

After spending half a million dollars on just one of his two new vehicles, Curtis Jackson is eyeing another car that will cost him a pretty penny. He can certainly afford it, though. The Power producer took to Instagram to share what his next major purchase will be, posting a photo of the Ferrari 488. According to a few different automobile websites, this exact model won't cost him as much as the Lambo did but it will still run him back a hefty $220K. That's without all the customizing we're assuming Fif will want to be done too. 

For now, the Ferrari still hasn't found a home in 50 Cent's garage but we're guessing it'll appear sooner rather than later. Flex season is still underway at the Jackson household.