50 Cent has climbed his way from multi-platinum selling rapper to Hollywood executive. Over the past few years, he's established himself as a producer with Power and now, For Life. The latter is based on the life of Isaac Wright Jr. who overturned a wrongful conviction after he was sentenced to life under New Jersey's drug kingpin laws.

for life 50 cent
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Power became an immediate hit that helped Fif land four spin-offs. Though those have been put on hold for the time being because of the COVID-19 pandemic, For Life is still airing on ABC and it's received praise across the board, including from those that may have previously doubted Fif. The rapper and exec hit Instagram earlier today where he spoke about Greg Braxton of the L.A. Times' recent review of For Life. The tone of the post, however, had sprinkles of Trump throughout it.

"Greg braxton of los Angeles times gave me a fucked up review for power. i didn’t understand his opinion, but i took note of him because i thought he might just be someone deciding to go against me. Now he is giving me great reviews on FOR LIFE I will win over anyone who doubts me let’s go," he captioned the post.

For some reason, the post kind of reads like a Trump tweet. Perhaps it was intentional. Maybe it wasn't. But clearly, Fif's keeping tabs on his doubters.