At first glance, it seemed as though 50 Cent was intent on burning yet another bridge in his armoire, but that's all part of the facade that is social media. He and director Eif Rivera engaged in a mock-argument taking place across two different social media platforms. Eif Rivera suggested that he was being shown the short end of the stick after making sizeable contributions to the Power brand.

50 Cent then uploaded an Instagram post in which he instructed security on the set to not let Eif past a checkpoint, with the risk of a strap being produced, as evidenced by the Smith & Wesson handgun pictured in the post.

The facade of their feud was then lifted once Eif Rivera uploaded a photo of him assistant the production team on set, behind 50 Cent's directorial debut, which he claims to be the beginning of many wondrous things to come for the rapper turned cinephile. Eif Rivera is a respected director, editor, and 3D graphic artist in the realm of hip-hop. He was once described by Busta Rhymes as "the new Hype Williams." Rivera's most recent contribution to the art form was as the main director Cardi B's "I Like It" music video, and before that on DJ Khaled's "I'm The One."