It's easy to forget that 50 Cent and Fat Joe once traded barbs as enemies. In fact, the pair's feud extended across several years, with no love lost between the New York veterans. It was only after Chris Lighty passed away in 2012 that a truce was reached, and tenuously held in the years to follow. In fact, the pair appear to have developed somewhat of a friendship, as Fif has previously praised Joey Crack's business acumen on Instagram. Yet Fif is not about to forsake his ballbusting ways, and once again, he's back on his BS proving friend or foe can get it alike.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

"@fatjoe ain’t even fat no more," Captions 50, beside an image of a hoodied-up Joey Crack. "That shit is out of style I’m 🏃‍♂️💨running to the gym fu*k this. LOL" In truth, 50 may very well be offering up a genuine compliment, though his trollish mannerism suggests a nefarious intent lurking beneath his every word. Yet Fat Joe's weight loss should not go unnoticed, to the point where it feels strange calling him "Fat Joe" at all. Perhaps he'll eventually make the transition to a simple "Joe," holding it down for the everyman. Or perhaps, eager to show off his new form, he'll opt for the unexpected "Svelte Joe."