Every once in a while, a cultural sub-plot emerges that's so ridiculous it verges on farce. Given the nature of our times, all manner of things can and will be entertaining. There is, of course, a renewed interest in "fake asses," at least if Kanye West's recent lyrics are any indication. Naturally, 50 Cent spent the bulk of last year serving as an amateur societal commentator, chiming in on various escapades and moments of sheer fuckery.

Sometimes, he provides a new perspective on an existing meme. Other times, he straight up makes his own, as we previously saw (and sadly cannot unsee) with his notorious take on "Nude Busta Rhymes." This time, however, he has decided to set his sights on Madonna's recently expanded ass, which seems to have doubled in size overnight, like one of those dinosaur toys that grows upon contact with water. Of course, Madonna cares little about opinion or ridicule, expressing a desire to live her best life without the scrutiny of the "gaze," male or otherwise.

Yet that hasn't stopped 50 Cent from chiming in with a hearty laugh, or at least, the online version: "hahahahahah." He continues, marveling at the state of the world at large. "Madonna got her ass done. LOL," he writes. "What the fuck is going on." Perhaps the current state of the world is not meant to be understood, but simply pondered.