We're used to seeing tons of comical content on the pages of 50 Cent's social media accounts. Arguably the biggest troll in the entertainment industry, the rapper has a few regular targets that he likes to continually take jabs at. Today has been a little different in regards to the type of content Fiddy is posting. There is a lack of humor in his activity, instead showing fear and worry after learning that an NYPD officer had told his crew to shoot the rapper "on sight." Earlier today, we rounded up all of his Emmanuel Gonzalez posts but now, he's considering taking legal action against the city of New York for not informing him that a threat had been made against his life.

"I’m afraid for my life," wrote the star, reposting a story about the threat. "I haven’t been able to sleep since I heard of this. The cops never notified me of the threat. I’m closing all my business in New York. I may have to sue the city." This situation is not funny at all - this is genuinely scary. Curtis has shown no fear in these sorts of predicaments in the past so it's no surprise that he's pulling out all the stops to seek justice for himself. However, this could seriously end badly.

As the story unfolds, we'll continue updating you. Hopefully, 50 Cent comes out on top of this battle.