While the pandemic is far from finished, the United States has it worse than anywhere else in the world. With numbers hitting new highs again this week after over 140,000 positive tests were announced yesterday, Biden's administration is looking set to lock things down again when he's sworn into office. 

Biden has been much more responsive to the pandemic than Trump has been. The current President has downplayed the severity of the virus for months, encouraging people to frolic around without much care for those around them. 

A recent report on Biden's proposed plan to control the outbreak suggests that his COVID advisor is pushing for a 6-week lockdown with very strict rules. While that would surely help slow the spread of the virus, it would damage the economy, which has already been hurt bad. However, it may be necessary to get this under control.

50 Cent, who previously endorsed Donald Trump before jumping back onto Biden's team, is seemingly unsure about the proposed lockdown, admitting that he needs a drink after reading that he may need to get back into isolation.

"6 more weeks," he wrote with a face-palm emoji. "I need a drink wtf."

Clearly, Fiddy isn't happy about this news. Nobody is pleased about it though. None of us actually want to socially distance ourselves from the world for another six weeks but, if we ever want this pandemic to end, we may need to.

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