Three weeks after squashing his decade-long beef with The Game at a Los Angeles strip club, 50 Cent revealed that he's unsure why he and Game started beefing in the first place in an interview with Big Boy on LA's Real 92.3.

"I always said I didn’t understand where it came from. He explained it to me," he said. "We're in the same place. We're cool. I haven’t wished bad on him the entire time." If you haven't been keeping up, 50 and the Game resolved their alleged feud when they recently chilled together, squashing whatever tension that may have existed before.

The Game was installed as the west coast wing of G-Unit back around the time The Documentary dropped. 50 Cent played a big role in The Documentary, which may have led to some disagreement over who deserved credit for the album's success.

"I fuck with 50," Game said at Ace of Diamonds strip club earlier this month. "What happened, that shit was 12 years ago. Niggas ain't on that shit. Drink your motherfucking Effen."

Watch 50's comments below.