Recent Hollywood Walk Of Fame star recipient  50 Cent continues to lay the foundations for his television empire. With Power officially concluded, Fif has set his sights on For Life, which recently premiered on ABC. The series, on which he serves as an executive producer, centers around the wrongfully convicted Isaac Wright Jr., who pursues a legal career in order to help those wronged by the justice system. As was the case with Power, 50 gets a chance to flex the acting chops once more, this time as inmate Cassius Dawkins.

50 Cent "For Life"

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Today, Fif spoke with Fox News about his acting preferences, which often lead to portrayals of tough guys and criminals. As he explains, his gravitation toward morally-dubious characters derives from audience expectation. "I'm just offering what I know the audience is willing to embrace at the present moment and therefore, now I'm moving to some different things like this."

“You'll understand one is a guy who never made any money," continues 50, comparing Dawkins with his beloved Power character Kanan Starks. "So if you’ve never made any money on the street and he's incarcerated, then comes the altercations inside the jail – and developing reputations from having those altercations and then he finds a bigger home in jail than on the outside because he doesn't mean anything to the free world. You only mean something in jail.” He also promises that For Life will mark the last time he takes on such a role, though he neglected to mention any dream parts he's got kicking around up there.

Check out the full interview here, and sound off in the comments if you're eager to catch For Life's premiere tonight. Will this be one worth sticking with?