50 Cent went to bed feeling relieved about the outcome of Derek Chauvin's verdict. The disgraced ex-cop was delivered a guilty verdict, having his bond revoked and being sent to jail for the murder of George Floyd. "This will make some of them think before they do sh*t," said the rapper on Instagram, reacting to the verdict. Not even a half-day later, he's back to feeling helpless, posting a video of the aftermath of Ma'Khia Bryant's shooting death by police in Columbus, Ohio.

The 16-year-old girl was killed after being shot four times in the chest by a police officer. Ma'Khia Bryant had called the police because of a group of girls that were allegedly wielding knives and threatening to jump her. The cops that responded to the situation ended up shooting Bryant, specifying in a statement that they were trying to protect the other girls. Bryant was allegedly also holding a knife. The shooting prompted an instant change in tone from Fiddy, who shared a video from the crime scene and said, "Here we go again. Got damn! Please don’t help me please."

In the comments of his post, comedian Michael Blackson left several emotionally charged messages, saying, "Smh. These f*cking trigger happy cops. What happened to using a taser? It was obviously clear she didn’t have a gun so there was no way she was going to kill you mr dumb ass officer. She had a knife to protect herself against a few people that was trying to jump her. You could had used a taser if your b*tch ass felt threatened smh. Rest In Peace to the little princess. How the f*ck can a grown ass man shoot a child that don’t have a gun?"

While Derek Chauvin is personally being held accountable for the murder of George Floyd, it's disheartening that another family is currently mourning the loss of their teenage daughter because of an officer that didn't know how to deescalate a situation between 16-year-old girls.

Rest in peace, Ma'Khia Bryant.