Earlier this week, it was rumored that Wendy Williams' husband had gotten his alleged mistress pregnant. Wendy has not yet commented on the rumors. If this happened to anybody else, she would be the first to jump on it for her TV show. As reports continue to make their way around the internet, 50 Cent fell upon one that says Wendy may be heading towards a divorce with her husband. Of course, he had some words about it on social media.

A well-known troll, Fiddy decided to continue his feud against the talk show host by kicking her while she's down. He posted a screenshot of the report and wrote in that Wendy is the "world's most famous side chick." He elaborated, "Always in some body shit, she never talk about this." Fif is back to playing dirty, rehashing his beef against Floyd Mayweather yesterday over their expensive taste in luxury vehicles.

The new rumors surrounding Wendy Williams' relationship stem from reports from months ago that claimed her man was living a double life for over a decade. Now, he appears to have gotten his alleged mistress pregnant, which is likely the final straw for them as a couple.

This probably isn't the last thing we hear from 50 about this. Something tells us he'll be spending the rest of his day trying to capitalize on this hot topic.