Whenever something like this happens in pop culture, you can bet your top dollar that 50 Cent will contribute his two cents. Nick Cannon has been trending all week because of resurfaced comments from his podcast where he referred to white and Jewish people as "closer to animals," "evil," and "the true savages." The anti-Semitic rhetoric, which originated from Farrakhan's school of thought, was met with the axe by the heads of ViacomCBS, firing Nick and leaving the future of his hit series Wild N' Out in jeopardy.

As Cannon fights to gain ownership of his so-called "billion-dollar" enterprise in Wild N' Out, 50 Cent has just issued an alternative that could pop off just as hard.

"Tune into my New show Out Wild starring @michaelblackson," wrote 50 Cent on Instagram. His post included an official poster and video package for the parody show. "It’s kinda like a show that got cancelled," added Fif.

Michael Blackson initially commented that he had not signed any contract to star in the hypothetical show. Later though, he copped to the deal, requesting the same monetary amount that Nick Cannon was earning with Viacom.

In case you're still wondering at this point in the article, this is just a gag for Fif and Blackson. While it would be troll magic if 50 stole Nick's entire concept and flipped it into a show of his own, we don't see that happening anytime soon.