It is becoming increasingly probable that 50 Cent was raised to believe that one troll post a day keeps the doctor away. Recently posting a photo of himself hard at work in the gym in preparation for his Frigo Underwear campaign, 50 got playfully roasted by a few sources for his apparent trouble with light-looking weights. Notably, Jim Jones weighed in by reposting the gym photo and using the hashtag #WastedTalent, which is the name of Jim's next project dropping this week. Fif noticed the post and chimed in over the weekend, saying he's one week away from "Looking like what your girlfriend likes." But that wasn't all he had in the bag.

Going specifically after Jim Jones, Fiddy posted a video of himself calling the rapper on FaceTime to no reply. 50 claims that, although he had just left the gym, he'll return just to smoke Jim Jones in a dual workout session. Ending the post with a laugh and saying that "Harlem n---as be ducking these n---as from Queens," it looks like the clash is all in good fun as everything has been shared in a playful tone thus far. Continuing his trolling, 50 posted another video of a man training at the gym with extremely questionable skills, claiming that people like him are trying to tell him how to train.

Check out the posts below and let us know who you think 50 will take aim at next.