50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox had a brief relationship in the early 2000's and if you asked anyone then if they thought the pair would make headlines in 2018, they would probably answer negatively. Regardless, Vivica has been reliving her relationship with 50, recalling details of their sex life in her upcoming self-help book. Fif previously commented on the situation after he woke up and saw the headlines, questioning what kind of person speaks out on something fourteen years after it happened. 50 was apparently not done there as he recorded a video on his Instagram, addressing the issue again and giving his two cents.

Although the clip starts out with 50 showing off his new NAACP Image Award for Power, it quickly turns into the entertainment tycoon ranting about the comments made on his previous post. The rapper says that many of the women commenting on his page are saying that for Vivica to be detailing their love-making sessions after such a long time, he must "have some bomb d-ck." This brought Fif to issues of gender differences, saying if a man were to make the same comments about his sex life 14 years ago, the response would be incredibly different. "You would call the police on a n---a, called your brothers and told [them] to jump the n---a." 

50's main issue with the news coming out appears to have little to do with the actual comments Fox made but more so about the timing of the remarks. Continually emphasizing that it has been 14 years since their relationship, Fif is confused to be hearing about all this now. What do you think of 50's most recent account, claiming that coverage would differ if it were the other way around?