It's no secret at this point. 50 Cent crossed a line he never saw coming in the distance when he slipped a comment on Remy Ma's Instagram page. Inevitably Papoose, still hent bent on making up for lost time, took offence that his "yardage" was being infringed upon. 50 Cent's assertion that Remy Ma had lost weight thus sparked a mini-feud with Papoose coming to her.. well to his own defense.

The mini-feud seemed to have subsided by the time Wendy Williams had decided upon herself to play arbiter. On her syndicated show, Wendy put all three faces on her monitor then looked her television audience dead in the face when she asserted that 50 Cent was no longer relevant: “Pap, everyone knows that you and Rem are thicker than thieves, nobody’s checking for 50 like that. Does he still like gir.." mumbling her last word for affect.

Wendy Williams' insinuation that 50 Cent may have lost his desire for women did not go unreported. Late last night, 50 Cent made his feelings felt regarding Wendy Williams by making an inquisition into her private life. 50 reminded his Insta audience of Wendy Williams' unorthodox romantic life. I can't confirm myself, but I believe 50 Cent is alluding to reports that her romantic partner leads a double life on the other side of town. Wendy Williams and 50 Cent have one thing in common, they are in no way concerned with signing peace treaties.