It's a hard question, but we know in our hearts there is only one answer. Yes, "Heat" is 50 Cent's best song. Between the insane instrumental from Dr. Dre, the cinematic intro skit, catchy yet chilling chorus, and the cold-hearted charisma of hip-hop's beloved antihero, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin centerpiece has withstood the test of time. And aside from being immensely listenable, Fif's "Heat" has also provided many quotables by which one might choose to live by. "It's hot out this bitch, that's a good enough reason" being one of them. "I do what I wanna do, I don't care if I get caught," being another.

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

Sometimes, the wisdom of 50 Cent finds itself cited in unexpected places. In the midst of Donald Trump's ongoing Impeachment trial, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber (noted hip-hop fan) drew upon Fif's "Heat" to draw parallels between the rapper as the President of the United States. In the face of Trump's brazen denial of any wrongdoing, Melber provides a G-Unit approved explanation: "the argument he presents is vintage 50 Cent. "I'll do what I want, I don't care if I get caught. The D.A. can play this tape in court."

After explaining "slant rhymes" to his co-hosts, Melba explains that there is a "gangster thuggishness to that attitude. It's not just hiding what you did, it's actually that extra bravado." It didn't take long for Fif to catch wind of the comparison, taking to IG to voice his opinion. "Yeah, Ari Melber Trump on some real gangsta shit," he writes, leaving us to infer his tone. "He gonna do it his way."