A decade ago, 50 Cent and Kanye West feuded over who could sell more albums. The two rappers were both slated to release major efforts on the same day and it was a major topic among hip-hop fans to see which one would outperform the other. Finally, Kanye West ended up winning the battle and they've respectfully gone their separate ways since then. You can always count on 50 Cent to bring out a few laughs on social media though and that's exactly what he did today. Shifting the script from his Emmanuel Gonzalez slander, Fiddy took on Yeezy as he reposted a screenshot of a false story about the Chicagoan scoring 106 points against a wheelchair basketball team.

The story was previously proven false but still, it gets shared to this day. It seems 50 Cent fell for it, believing that he had sort of a Kobe Bryant moment on the court. "This Boy is really handicap," said 50 of Kanye West. He didn't stray too far away from Gonzalez though because he still targeted the NYPD officer who threatened his life, writing, "Emanuel Gonzalez would have him shot."

50 Cent made a recent late-night appearance on James Corden's show, revealing that Donald Trump had offered him half a million dollars to show up at his inauguration. He turned down the money, citing the fact that he wouldn't know how to repair his image if he went.