Tensions have been rising all across the country over the past couple of days and for good reason. The police killing of George Floyd has people extremely upset and numerous protests have now been started in almost every single state. New York City has been known for its fair share of police brutality over the years which means it's not surprising that there have been some pretty impressive protests in the streets.

The NYPD has been violent with the people on occasion and yesterday, a truly gruesome act was caught on camera. Essentially, a cop car tried to break through a barrier of people and ended up spreading them out across the street. The cop could have killed someone but thankfully, that didn't happen. Now, 50 Cent is reacting to the scene and he is just as angry as the rest of us.

"Now why the fuck would he drive the car into a crowd. They gonna have a hundred lawsuits for this shit," 50 wrote. The artist has been very vocal against the NYPD in the past, particularly cops who have conspired to do harm to him.

As protests continue, the police will be looking to disperse crowds by any means necessary. With that being said, we hope any of you who plan on protesting stay safe out there.