50 Cent and Jamira Haines' relationship seemed to spring out of nowhere, but things have been escalating quickly - at least in terms of how they interact on social media. The other day, Jamira, who goes by Cuban Link on Instagram, commented on 50's post expressing how impressed she was by his muscles. They also posted another photo together this week, proving that the previously low-key couple is ready for their love to be seen. 

Jamira's latest public display affection for her man involved her posting a photo of her puckering her lips and enticing 50 in the caption to "Gimme Kiss." He kissed her thru the phone (à la Soulja Boy) by commenting "Muah, muah, muah baby." However, the problem with exchanging these intimate moments in the cyberverse is that anyone can insert themselves and try to ruin it.

A troll did their best to interrupt the romance by commenting, "I thought [50] was just in Paris with his [baby mama]." This accusation was informed by both 50 and his ex, Daphne Joy, posting pics from France this week. This troll must've forgotten that 50, the master troll, is untrollable. Taking shots on Insta is 50's best sport and he took this opportunity to exhibit his great skill. 50 responded, "get your stupid ass off this page and stay out my business bitch." Okay, I suppose this wasn't the wittiest response, but it was effective and too-the-point. Don't come for Fiddy.