Twenty years ago, when G-Unit was buzzing through deep mixtape cuts and half the industry was getting robbed by an upstart, who would have guessed 50 Cent would have transformed into a bonafide television mogul? With Power wrapping up, Chapter Two set to begin, and an Isaac Wright series called For Life set to premiere on ABC, Fif has been steadily building his small-screen repertoire. Now, it would appear he's worked his magic in the boardroom once again, as evidenced by a powerful new IG post.

 Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"I’m in LA getting all kinda work done," boasts Fif, sharing an image of himself in true regal fashion. "I sold another show yesterday. This is not easy, I just make it look easy. I get the green light." Though he remains quiet about the series and what it consists of, Fif's ambition and work ethic continue to speak volumes. Though some might hesitate to call such a vocal agitator a role model, his hustle simply cannot be denied; when all is said and done, 50 Cent will have built an empire under our very noses.

Respect to 50 Cent for making waves in the industry, and we can only hope he finds some time to link up with the Griselda boys for another collaboration.