The feud between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent goes back years. While the two may have been friends a decade ago, they became bitter enemies in the last few years. Their differences have quieted down as of late after Fif blocked Floyd on Instagram but after he magically saw the boxing champ's latest upload, he needed to comment on it. 

This summer, Floyd and Fiddy were at each other's throats, constantly checking the other over overused insults about illiteracy and being a deadbeat dad. Now, they're back at each other (or at least 50 is) as he's directing his anger at "Money" Mayweather again on social media. For Christmas, Curtis bought himself a few luxury vehicles and he doesn't think it's a coincidence that Floyd is now flexing all of his expensive whips. The rapper wrote, "I thought I blocked this n***a, see me wit white, now he going all black." The comment was made in regards to Floyd's preferred car color. Being the petty man that he is, 50 is spending loads of money to get back at his rival, copping cars in every color of the rainbow, he revealed. "Now I’m going skittles on his ass all colors," wrote the entertainer.

Of course, one of the main takeaways from Floyd's post is that he already owns the vehicle Curtis was salivating over this morning. We're sure both parties aren't finished yet.