While you'd think Aftermath Alumni oughta stick together, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes previously found themselves embroiled in a schoolyard teasing match of sorts. 50, ever the merciless opponent, seemed to find Busta Rhymes' straw-sipping practices to be particularly egregious. The since-deleted post was the pebble to trigger a rockslide, as both Busta and 50 exchanged several IG shots largely aimed at each others' physical appearances. Busta called 50 "deflated," while 50 photoshopped unflattering images of "nude Busta." While the "beef" was far from serious, it was delightfully petty, and ultimately yielded nothing in the way of consequence.

Today, 50 Cent has once again found time and energy for Bus-a-Bus. This time, however, it would appear he's singing a more complimentary tune. Instead of body-shaming the legendary Flipmode rapper, 50 took a moment to praise Busta's return to "Brolic" status. Reposting one of the Dungeon Dragon's gym pics, 50 remarks on the efficacy of trainer Charles Glass, dubbing him "the best trainer in the world."

Given that Busta has been documenting his return to peak form on his own IG, it's clear that the Flipmode leader is serious about his commitment. Hopefully, the olive branch can bring both of these Dr. Dre pupils back into a friendly headspace, as who knows - perhaps there's money to be made. Congrats to Busta for hitting the gym, and respect to 50 for giving credit where credit is due. Look for that new Busta album - which looks to feature heavy Dr. Dre involvement - coming soon.