The lines between politics and Hip Hop continue to be blurred as former Trump advisor Roger Stone has come forward to call out 50 Cent. Yesterday (June 14), we reported on the news that Black Mafia Family co-founder Big Meech scored a victory in his case. According to reports, Meech was able to get three years shaved off of his 30-year sentence, meaning that the accused drug trafficker and Rap industry icon could be home as early as 2028.

50 Cent has been slowly sharing information regarding his BMF series on Starz that's still in development, and upon hearing the news about Meech, Fif took to Instagram to celebrate. "YES [grin emoji] Now you know this BMF show is gonna [bomb emoji][smoke emoji]Blow everything off the f*cking TV, the real sh*t different ! [stoplight emoji] Green Light Gang."

However, Roger Stone called out 50 Cent in a brief video and mentioned Fif's alleged money moves with Meech. "50 Cent, I got a beef with you," said Stone. "You're crowing about Big Meech getting a lousy three years knocked off his sentence? The fact is his co-conspirators, his brother and another man who has the exact same sentence have already been sprung."

"You ripped Big Meech off," he continued. "You got $150 million from Starz to make a movie about his life and you paid him sh*t for his life rights. You're full of sh*t. Free Big Meech, now." Fif quickly responded to the accusation by resharing Stone's video to his Instagram.

"People just looking for attention,clout chasing c*ck suckers come in all different colors shapes and sizes these days," said 50 Cent. He closed out his caption by promising the BMF is coming soon. Check out this 2021 curveball below.