First Wendy Williams, now Tyrese. It's clear that, when there are celebrities supposedly making spectacles of themselves in the public eye, 50 Cent will be ready and waiting with a comedic response. 

For those who aren't in the know, Tyrese had himself an interesting day on social media on Wednesday (November 1st). He admitted that he's close to broke, that his ex-wife had killed his reputation and that he would leave the Fast & Furious franchise, a string of highly successful movies that breathed new life into his show business career, if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was involved. To top it all off, he even shared a video of him balling his eyes out at the prospect of losing his daughter as the net result of all these complications in his life. Many tried to show some sympathy to the actor/singer, but others, like Fif, weren't going there as easily.

In an Instagram reposting of the now-viral video from Tyrese, 50 Cent captioned the upload by saying, "😆when them pockets is hit boy, God Damn 😳LOL." It got worse from there, with 50 having some choice words for Tyrese that go beyond his current dire straits. "F**k him," he continued. "He should a mind his business when I was talking to Taraji, he come jumping in like he think we in a f**king movie. Punk ass Coca Cola kid." You can see 50 Cent's entire post below.

50 is referring to Tyrese calling him a "bitch ass n****" after the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper threw some shade at Taraji P. Henson, who is one of the stars of Empire. There's clearly no love lost between Tyrese and Fif, but the former isn't the only personality that Mr. Jackson has felt the need to drag through the social media mud in recent days. After Wendy Williams collapsed during a live TV broadcast on Halloween, 50 Cent called the incident "bad acting" and implied that her explanation of overheating in her costume was a bogus one. Don't forget - this is also a woman who 50 has called an "ugly motherf**ker" in the past as well. Most local butcher shops don't have beef this delicious.

What do you think of 50 Cent's Tyrese comments? Fair or foul? Let us know below.